Considering A Vacation Rental For Your Event? Time To Reconsider

December 27, 2016

When it comes to Las Vegas event venues, many people (see:newbies) will often add a Las Vegas vacation home rental as a potential venue for their upcoming event. And why now? You can usually find an excellent home in a nice neighborhood for a few hundred dollars a night that will fit the bill. Plenty of space. A nice swimming pool and a large outdoor patio with a BBQ. All this can usually be had for $1200 for an entire weekend. Seems like a good idea, right? Actually it’s a terrible idea for many reasons. Most people are simply unaware of the drawbacks, but believe me, there are drawbacks. Here are some, just to name a few.

  • The Law Is Against It
    Boy! You’re not kidding! Owners can be fined thousands of dollars per day if found in violation.
  • Your contract forbids it
    Yes, it likely does. For the reason mentioned above. You can and will be held liable for fines!
  • The Neighbors
    They’re going to let the owners know how they feel about the noise you and your friends make.
  • Parking
    There isn’t any for more then you and your family
  • Police
    Say “Hi!” to Metro. They love noise complaints. It’s their favorite thing. Be sure to have everyone ready with proof of age, especially if you have any alcohol with you.

So this is a short list. I welcome your comments and additions!

One Response to Considering A Vacation Rental For Your Event? Time To Reconsider

  • A friend of mine booked a Las Vegas vacation rental home that was amazing. We could see what a wonderful place it would be for a party or even a wedding reception or family reunion. But we were told explicitly by the company we booked with that the county and city do not allow it because it causes a problem in the neighborhoods. I guess I can see both sides.